What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a way to increase your site’s traffic. You can fix your site on Search Engines like this. But it is a system that never guarantees exit # 1 or higher. Moreover, only some search engines support it. For example; Like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

What can you do for your site, can you increase your website traffic?

How a Search Engine Works?

First of all, you need to know the existence of your site. We can call it ‘Crawl’. Your website is constantly visited by boots after being crawled. The indexing phase is where the site is added to the search engine. This part can be done in 1-2 days after the Crawl process, or it can take up to 80 days for about 1000 pages for the whole site search engine. After the indexing phase, the query is displayed in the Query section of the site. A site can go to the top level from the last minute, or it can be deleted to add it completely if it is detected as spam.

Factors affecting SEO: Below are the best ways to optimize your search engine.

Fast hosting: The first rule is that your web hosting company offers you a fast connection. In some cases, because of the slowness of the bots 404 404 code (not found). Good Web Hosting is the first rule.

XML Sitemap and RSS Feed: Sitemap is a site map. This is an XML file. The locations of the pages, the latest update dates, the importance level, and so on. Information. There are various programs to create your own site map. You can do this faster by downloading Sitemap Generator. You can then submit your Sitemap to search engines such as Google.

Correctly Selected Keywords: Keywords are the words you want your internet site to be found when called. These appear as keywords in META tags. Two terms can be mentioned here. One is the Keywords Priority Rating and the other is the Keywords difficulty rating. The level of difficulty refers to the frequency of search, or popularity. As a Google API key owner, you can get this information.

Keywords Research: Key words into the comprehensive subject matter (more searched) is your benefit. There are many Keyword generation applications. Click here for one of these.

Pasted in the address: This address is the search for the desired link in the link.

Word searched for Title: TITLE, that is, the search for the word “kelimen” in the title of the HTML document will give you a plus point.

Description in the Description: The Description part is sometimes displayed by the search engines instead of the source. That is, not the document content, but the Description part is displayed to the user. In this case it is not necessary to leave this section blank.

Shortness of External Links: The links you give out are influential on your site’s PageRank value. If you choose low quality, your site will look lower.

HTML Validation: A well-crafted HTML file is always better-read by browsers, with extreme scripts, unnecessary tags, and html documents larger than 150 kb. You can use the W3 HTML Validation Tool to test your own website.

Professional Design: Documents written using HTML language, pages where links are given as image files, sites with more space for your graphics are one step ahead. That’s why TEXT-LINKs have a higher spam rate than IMAGE-LINKs.

SEO Studies

SEO is an important issue for private companies, campaigns and ad promotions. Nowadays, many inhabitants have shown themselves. In addition, many web applications, forums; PHPBB-SEO, Vbulletin SEO and many other MODs are written.

WARNING: Never spam (repeated words repeatedly) can not be used as a SEO technique. Your site may be displayed in the top row, but if it is Spam Report it will be completely deleted and will not be listed again.

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