1- Google Translator

With Google Translator, we can translate words, phrases, and even web pages from one language to another; You do not even need to use Google’s website to do this. Just being online and installing the program into our system is enough for us to be able to do the translation process.

2- Google Deskbar

The Google Deskbar allows me to search directly from the desktop. With all the necessary Google functions available, we can finish your transactions with us as quickly as possible.

3- Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar is a free Google application so that we can not access your information faster. This free app searches and returns results based on the Google database. We can use rt as a toolbar or as a browser integrated with the standard search bar.

4- Google Talk

Google is a successful online chat program. With Google Talk you can chat with friends over the internet, we can also exchange files. In addition, we can also allow the user to listen to your voice at a later time by leaving a voice recording to a user who is offline.

5- Google SketchUp

With Google SktechUp, we can make three-dimensional drawings. We also do not have to be professional as it is in CAD software to use this software.

6- Google Picasa

We can use Google’s free Picasa to easily find, organize and share your photos.

7- Google Earth

With Google Earth, we can travel the world from the greatest landmarks to the smallest details. Google Earth brings a large number of high-resolution photos taken from the satellite to your screen along with a very successful zoom and pan. The new Google Earth 3D modeling support also allows viewing of three-dimensional residential area views. At the same time with the program, we can calculate the distance from one point to another and we can easily view and map metro stations with the picture quality improved especially for Germany.

8- Google Desktop

With Google Desktop, we can index files on our computer and then search through our file indexes as they search the Google search engine on the same internet in these files. Even when we use Google search while roaming on the internet, we can also get results from our computer. I can judge my computer completely with this desktop program which has several plugin and additional features.

9- Google Chrome

Chrome, Google’s web browser, has been introduced to the browser market quite simply and quickly, and has attracted considerable attention in recent times.

10- Google Gmail

Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that combines the best of traditional email services with Google’s search technology. Gmail makes it so easy to locate messages so that we do not have to mess with the next one. In addition to providing a completely new way of reading and tracking messages, Gmail provides 2.9 GB of storage. The most important thing is that it is free.

11- Google News

This can be viewed within Google itself by citing other news sites, and we can even comment on the news we want to comment on.

12- Google Calendar

With this application that can be used online, we know that the organizational logic is being executed.

13- Google Reader

Google Reader, which is a mass-mailing application and an application that can store that data, allows for very large file storage and modification of that file.

14- Google Maps

Google in is a web-based map (landmark) system. At the same time, we can integrate with Google Trafic to get instant traffic information and exchange information about where we are.

15- Google Analytics

A website is an up-to-date application that analyzes the web pages that administrators create after creating web pages. It also allows you to export analysis and graphically view analysis information.

16- Google Groups

This application can be used to reach a massive scale.

17- Google History

It is an application that records actions (search and search results) that we have made while navigating online within Google pages.

18- Google Alerts

It is an application that allows us to see from within a page that we are instantly on alert when we are logged in to Google pages online.

19- Google Adsense

Google, which is also in the advertising field, is an application that publishes a code that is given to Internet users in our web page and it gives us money.

20- Google Adwords

An application that allows Google users to make money so that Internet users can see the company name on the search and/or page results to the right of the main page.

Yours sincerely, Kıvanç Kazancı