Static web sites/pages; Web design is a kind of site you can depend on if you are not knowledgeable and you have developed a site. Static web sites are mostly prepared with visual programs. No programming knowledge is required. The site prepared by the web designer will be copied to the server where the site will be published and the site will be published. The contents of static web pages are changed by the designing company or person. For example, if you are a company that sells stationery products, the company tells us that it wants a static site and gives us information. The items in the products section of the company are shown in the products section. 20 items are shown in the products section. The transaction is completed. The site goes into the publication. 1 month is passed from the stationery. The firm wants to add new products to the site but since the web page is designed as static, it can not make these changes and the company who makes the site application makes the changes and copies the web site to the server to be republished and the site is published.

Who is Static Web Site/Page Build?

What are the Advantages of Static Websites/Pages?

What are the Disadvantages of Static Websites/Pages

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