What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity, is the name given to the visible aspect of an institution. The institution is the way of expressing itself. This statement is drawn on certain boundaries and is usually an unchanging expression. The institutional identity book is an indispensable element of this system, which indicates the measures and how to use a design that will remind the institution. It is stated that in a corporate identity design, everything is measured and used in everything from office design to emblem (logo), from clothing to clothing, from letterhead, to letterhead, to web site, to advertisement, from packaging design to activity report.

Corporate identity is the signature of the institution and the change is closed in this direction. Despite the fact that companies and designers can be replaced in a certain period by collaborative work, the company does not want to change its image with corporate identity frequently.

Corporate identity studies are undoubtedly based on the emblem of the company that works. The fact that the emblem colors are printed at the same value in every case, the writing styles never change is the basis of this work.

In particular, the transfer of color information, pantone numbers of the colors are specified to be unchanged.

With the image that the corporate identity has created for the company, the consumer’s mind is scraped. This is one of the initiatives to ensure that the company’s advertising investments are successful.

What is Mail Design?

In all areas of life, our decisions and choices are made with awareness or without color and visual impact. The first effect is always the first and greatest condition for the initiation action, and the biggest effect that affects it is the visual perception.

Mail design should draw you in with the first effect in this frame and impose the color and design with the user you want. In this sense, e-mail marketing is much more important than other areas, which is the key to mail design.

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Logo Design and What is the Precaution?

Logo design is the most important visual element that reflects the identity of companies. In this respect, the logo is very important for the vision of a company. The increase in the number of companies today has caused the increase in the importance given to logo design. Because modern companies have realized that mission vision as well as outlook are important. For this reason, companies that want the best in terms of visual quality are primarily focused on logo design.

The logo, which can be defined as the signature of the companies, is a symbol that should be made and designed at the beginning level in terms of undertaking the company identity. Because every business that the company has done will be referred to with the logo at the end. That is why you have a good log and you have a good image and an image.

Today, there are many companies for logos that are so important. These companies prepare logos that are tailored to their needs and the needs of the companies. It is now possible to design much more visual logos with the graphic design brought by the developing computer technology. Moreover, even small-scale websites have quite visual logos.

So, as a company, do not waive this important item and design your corporate logon as soon as possible. Remember that nowadays appearance is getting more and more important.

What is Poster and Poster Design?

It is a graphic product that is prepared to convey a message that design and art anxiety are of equal weight and to introduce a product and that can come out almost anywhere at any time.

Cubism, Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, International typographic style, modern art and design trends have been a major influence on the development of contemporary poster language.

The basic condition of any advertising is to be able to sound right to the target audience. The poster has emerged as a separate narrative language from birth to daylight. The poster product stands out more noticeably for service.

The most important criteria for a banner ad can be recognized. Therefore, there are a few things to be aware of when preparing banner designs.

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